You are a Grim Reaper. Help the stray souls and guide them into the after life with your scythe.  A cute and short puzzle-platformer game that made solo (with the use of free assets) for the Game Dev Game Jam May 2022.

Ver 1.1 Update

Additional 5 levels with brand new mechanics and puzzles.

UI and font adjustments and improvements.

Credits Below:


Pixel Adventure by Pixel Frog at :


Slash Sprite by MetaShinryu at :

Explosion VFX by XYEzawr at :

Ghost by jcomp at:


Sunny Spells Font by Niskala Huruf at :


Vocal Sample by MirceaKitsune at :

8-Bit Sound Effect Pack (Vol. 001) by Deva at :


sonatina - Song 2 - Stomp by sonatina at :

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Tags2D, Cute, grim-reaper, plat, puzzl, Puzzle-Platformer, reaper


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Smooth, fluid controls! Neat puzzle solving mechanics! I was surprised and a little sad when I found out I'd finished the last level, since there was a lot of ingenuity shown in the problem solving. Also there were two slightly different ways to get through level seven, I was proud of myself for finding a slightly shorter method.

A lot of games like this would simply make it a case of 'stand on every platform to progress' so I appreciate that the puzzles involving moving several doors actually had more thought put into them than that. The delayed explosions also help to add complexity. Very nice!


Thanks for playing the game, and I am glad that you enjoyed.
As for the level 7, the 2nd shorter solution was not intended but I left it as it is so the smarter player can have alternate way to solve the puzzle.
I only made 10 levels due to time limit, I am planning on doing some bug fixes, UI adjustment and minor game changes but I might add a few levels if I can after the game jam ends. 


Great and cool game, We really like the movement mechanics, especially the jump and the snappy movement, however, the level design could have been more better. Apart from that, the presentation of the game could be also enhanced. All the mechanics seem to be quite enjoyable and feels good. So, well done and best of luck for the Jam!

I worked on the game with a short time limit due to my busy schedule so I could not implement all the features that I wanted and I mostly focused on the gameplay. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.


Yeah, a future version with well-polished features could be a great product to see ahead of time.